Innovation Fund

The Insperanto Innovation Fund was created to help inspire innovation through companies, universities and organizations worldwide. The objective is to provide Patent Applicants with financial support that will allow them to apply for more patents, helping to protect their IP and thereby raise the value their Innovation and business.

What Grants do we offer.

Insperanto will, subject to Applicants qualifying for a Grant, reimburse all or part of the Applicant’s patent attorney drafting fees incurred during the following 12 to 36 months.


Testimonials and Case Studies

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Insperanto's support not only helped us at an early stage to develop our IP strategy, their generous funding also helped us execute on that strategy. We recommend working with Insperanto to help navigate the complexities of global IP protection.
Visionary has arranged to receive funding from Insperanto to help us formalize our IP by filing and protecting more patents. This adds tremendous value to Visionary’s IP and big tech related partnerships.
Alex Salzman
Founding Member, Visionary Access Network
EXCITE International 2
Excite International is very pleased to collaborate with Insperanto for the purpose of funding tech companies in the health sector to scale their patent portfolio. Insperanto’s funding helps our tech companies increase the value of their company and IP.
I would like to share a “science fiction” story. One day I met Karen Sealine and she offered us a grant to cover 50% of MICA’s next patent submission. I thought that I had misheard her, but after a short meeting with her and her partners, I understood the logic behind the business model. To make a long story short, we are on our way to patent #3 with a great strategy in place, prepared by The Reinhold Cohn Group and financed 50% by Insperanto! Thanks to the grant we received from Insperanto, we now have available funds for more R&D which will put us ahead of the game in record time.
Receiving support from the Insperanto Innovation Fund was a smooth and transparent process. Karen was our main contact point, and I was always impressed by her fast communication, always within 24 hours! The transfer of funds was made promptly, after just a few days of submitting the invoices. I honestly look forward to working with Karen and Insperanto again in the future.
CCRM Australia's partnership with Insperanto provides substantial financial support to Australian organizations, aligning seamlessly with CCRM Australia's mission to drive progress in the regenerative medicine sector. The Insperanto Innovation Fund serves as a catalyst for Australian organizations dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine, empowering them to fortify their patent portfolios and drive innovation.

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Stefania Bortolotto

Stefania brings a decade of experience as a Patent Paralegal, having built her knowledge and expertise in various firms. With a strong background in handling European patent applications, validations, international and foreign applications, and Italian patent applications, she has gained valuable experience in the field. She is also proficient in both English and Italian.