The IP Revolution you've been waiting for!

After reviewing feedback from hundreds of IP owners and counsel dissatisfied with service provider models that lack transparency, hide blackbox fees and play reciprocity games, Insperanto has created an IP service model that is focused solely on inspiring innovation.

The IP Revolution you've been waiting for!

After reviewing feedback from hundreds of IP owners and counsel dissatisfied with service provider models that lack transparency, hide blackbox fees and play reciprocity games, Insperanto has created an IP service model that is focused solely on inspiring innovation.

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Full visibility,
no blackbox

Insperanto is committed to an IP service model characterized by 100% transparency.

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Fund your

Our fund enables select organizations to choose agents based on quality and expertise undisturbed by cost constraints.

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IP Portal

Manage your filings.

We customize our global patent and trademark filing portal to satisfy your personalized filing formality requirements

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IP Network

Select your

We help procure and optimize your global agent network based on your niche technologies, quality benchmarks and filing trends.

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Our Experience

Patents & Trademarks Filed
IP Coaching & Training Classes Delivered
Unique IP Networks Built

Our Vision

Our company vision is centered on three core missions:

IP Equality: We aim to make the entire intellectual property ecosystem more accessible, equitable, and transparent for counsels and their clients across industry sectors.

IP Reach: We support inventors and SMEs with funding opportunities to protect more of their IP, and finding specialized attorneys to prosecute and enforce their inventions worldwide.

IP Care: We provide customized global support to patent and trademark attorneys, catering to their unique foreign filing, translation, and maintenance requirements.

What makes us different?

Your specialized innovations deserve customized solutions

Offering generic filing solutions for your innovations is not what we are about. We customize our services to tailor-fit the unique needs of each individual client. We empower innovators by giving them control and direction over their entire IP prosecution lifecycle.

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Chair, Scientific Board

Chief Communications Officer

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Our Clients

Sophie Hime

As IP Portfolio Head, EMEA for Insperanto, Sophie brings experience in a variety of business environments, including financial services, fund raising and foreign filing solutions.

For the past decade, Sophie has specialised in Intellectual Property Services and helped clients Innovate faster, protect & manage their IP and to reduce their total cost of operating.

Among many contributions, Sophie brings a true passion for and a deep understanding of solving customer problems as well as the drive to maintain high standards – to aim not just for greatness but for excellence in how to serve customers.

Sophie obtained a BA in Economics, Politics & Sociology and has several Masters from Roskilde University, and Copenhagen University, Denmark: International Development; Cultural Studies; Sustainable Land Use and Resource Management.

Adam Fox

As CEO of Insperanto, Adam brings over a decade’s worth of experience in the IP industry
and a passion for his work that reverberates to everyone around him.

For over a decade, Adam has held leading positions in the IP industry. Adam previously
served as CEO for one of the world’s largest IP service providers, Morningside. He was also
co-Founder of one of the world’s first successful reciprocal foreign agent networks,
ReciPartner. In 2017, Adam founded Insperanto Limited.

Adam is highly regarded internationally for his foreign filing network expertise and he
recently became one of the most sought-after coaches in the IP industry. Adam has provided
lectures, seminars and training to several hundred attorneys, paralegals and professionals
worldwide, helping them to develop and optimize their patent and trademark agent networks
and foreign filing practices.

Adam graduated with two degrees in Applied Psychology & Social Sciences (RMIT
University) and is a dual-certified Executive & Life Coach (ACSTH ICF, CCA Certified). He is
also a highly-regarded published scientific author in the field of cross-cultural research.

Stefania Bortolotto

Stefania brings a decade of experience as a Patent Paralegal, having built her knowledge and expertise in various firms. With a strong background in handling European patent applications, validations, international and foreign applications, and Italian patent applications, she has gained valuable experience in the field. She is also proficient in both English and Italian.

Karen Sealine

In her role as Director of Insperanto Innovation, Karen contributes to supporting IP owners by increasing the value of their IP.

Karen brings over 12-years of experience representing a leading American AM 100 Law firm and serving for over a decade in a classified intelligence unit.

Due to her experience with both emerging technologies and law firms, Karen evaluates and bridges opportunities for developing their potential and growth with the Insperanto Innovation.

In her spare time, Karen practices mindfulness, photography and has been seen on numerous nature trails. 

Janice Rubin

Dr. Janice Rubin has been a licensed patent attorney since 2018. She specialized in patent drafting and prosecution, infringement analysis, and patentability analysis with a focus on the chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

Janice holds a M.Sc in Chemistry from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Ph.D. from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Following her Ph.D. studies, she spent time as a postdoctoral fellow at RWTH Aachen, Germany, and a year as a postdoctoral researcher at Tel Aviv University.

Prior to joining Insperanto, Janice worked in the pharmaceutical industry and as a patent attorney at several firms specializing in patent drafting, prosecution and litigation.

Howard Finger

As Executive Chairman of Insperanto, Howard has a proven track record in strategic
innovation, delivering recurring revenue growth and building online communities.

Relying on his unique blend of creative strategic thinking and down-to-earth people management capabilities, Howard founded and successfully ran VinciWorks
(, an e-learning and software development company in the
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRS) sector. In 2021 VinciWorks was acquired by
Marlowe PLC, the UK leader in business-critical services and GRC software.

In early 1995, as Senior Vice President at Global Sources, Howard led the company’s
transition from print-only to print and online media. Howard was responsible for designing,
building and then managing, the world’s first international B2B ecommerce website, which today has over 10 million registered international buyers. Howard
was directly responsible for growing annual online revenues from zero to US $40 million
within 5 years, enabling Asia’s largest trade publisher to list on NASDAQ. Global Sources
was acquired by the Blackstone Group in 2017.

Howard began his professional life as a commercial lawyer in London and Hong Kong,
handling a wide range of corporate and commercial matters.Howard is author of the international bestseller The Mindful Entrepreneur, holds a bachelor’s
degree in Business Law, completed the daf yomi cycle and has a black belt in karate.

Amichai Farkas

As CSO of Insperanto, Amichai manages all of our operations and ensures that every facet of our business works seamlessly.

Amichai studied Business Management and Political Science at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. For the past two decades, Amichai has worked in one of the world’s largest bridge-building humanitarian organizations, positioning himself inside a niche network of leaders at the very top of both the business and philanthropic worlds. Working closely with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Amichai is able to align Insperanto’s IP Fund to those innovators with the most humanitarian-based technologies and solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues.

Daniel Neuman

Daniel has over 6 years of experience in IP filing operations at Morningside and then Questel – one of the largest IP service providers in the world. He helped craft and monitor best practices and managed a team of 10 IP operation managers. He created training materials to help both the beginner and experienced better understand the background and process of Convention and National Phase filings as well as EP validations. He joined Insperanto in April of this year. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 5 daughters and enjoys taking them on walks in nature.

Devin Katz

Meet, Devin Katz, our esteemed Head of Intellectual Property at Insperanto. With a career spanning over two decades in the field, Devin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Professional Journey:
Devin boasts a remarkable 16-year track record as a Patent Paralegal, including a substantial tenure as Chief Paralegal at renowned IP firms. Throughout this period, Devin worked on a diverse range of intellectual property cases, honing expertise in patent prosecution, trademark management, and IP portfolio strategy.

Leadership Experience:
Devin’s journey also encompasses 4 years as a Senior Operations Manager and Director of Operations at an IP service provider. In these roles, Devin led operations and ensured the seamless delivery of top-tier IP services to clients worldwide, fostering a comprehensive grasp of IP service management and client relations.

Passion and Mission:
Devin is deeply passionate about the world of Intellectual Property and its pivotal role in innovation and protection. At Insperanto, Devin’s mission is to leverage this expertise to assist individuals and businesses in navigating the complex landscape of IP, safeguarding their innovations, and maximizing their intellectual property assets.

Connect with Devin:
Devin is always eager to connect with fellow IP enthusiasts, innovators, and businesses seeking to protect and leverage their intellectual property. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any IP-related inquiries, collaborations, or insights.

Prof Joseph A. Allen

Prof. Dr. Joseph A. Allen, Ph.D is a Senior Member of the Scientific Board for Insperanto’s research into optimizing the effectiveness of business meetings and sales negotiations across cultures.

Prof. Dr. Allen is a Professor of Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology at the University of Utah. Before he completed his doctorate (Ph. D.) in Organizational Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) in 2010, he received his Master of Arts degree in I/O Psychology at the UNCC in 2008 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in 2005.

His research focuses on three major areas of inquiry, including the study of workplace meetings, organizational community engagement and occupational safety and health. He has more than 100 publications in academic outlets, another 20 under review, and many works in progress for a number of journals. 

Dr. Allen has presented over 250 papers/posters at regional and national conferences and given more than 100 invited presentations on his research. His previous academic outlets include Human Relations, Human Performance, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Business Psychology, American Psychologist, Accident Analysis and Prevention and Group and Organization Management, among others. He serves as a reviewer for various journals, including the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Creative Behavior and Academy of Management Journal. He is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Business and Psychology, Group and Organization Management and the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. He directs the Center for Meeting Effectiveness housed in the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health.

Dr. Allen has consulted for more than 350 nonprofit and for-profit organizations. These include animal welfare organizations, human services organizations, large corporations, government entities, emergency safety and intelligence agencies, as well as retail conglomerates and external talent management firms. His research has attracted internal and external grant funding of more than $4M since 2010.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald has been the CTO of Insperanto since 2017. 

Patrick serves our clients by developing the technology-based solutions essential for driving in new business revenues and optimizing sales performance. He has decades of experience founding, developing and leading some of the most successful technology-based companies in the world, including the famous platform, Sportsmate Technology. 

Patrick holds degrees in Software Engineering (RMIT University) and Engineering (Monash University).

Prof Nale Lehmann – Willenbrock

Prof. Dr. Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, Ph.D is Chair of the Scientific Board for Insperanto’s research into optimizing the effectiveness of business meetings and sales negotiations across cultures. She is a Professor and Department Head of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and directs the TeamLab at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Previously, she was an Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She holds a Ph.D. (2012, summa cum laude) from Technische Universität Braunschweig and a Diplom (master’s degree) in Psychology from the University of Göttingen (2006). 

Prof. Dr. Lehmann-Willenbrock studies organizational meetings, temporal team processes and leader-follower dynamics in organizations. Her research blends organizational psychology, communication science and statistical modeling for time-series behavioral data. She also collaborates with computer scientists to identify novel ways for automatically detecting relevant social interaction behavior. She is an expert in quantitative interaction analysis and methods for pattern detection in social interactions and is regularly invited for keynote lectures. 

To date, Prof. Dr. Lehmann-Willenbrock has published 47 journal articles in top-tier academic outlets, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior, among others; four edited volumes; 26 book chapters; and more than 100 conference contributions. Her work has attracted funding from several organizations in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. She is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Business and Psychology and Associate Editor of Small Group Research.

Lea Fox

Lea has worked as Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of Insperanto since 2017, serving our clients with world-class editing skills and expert copywriting that always hits the mark.

Lea is a highly experienced multilingual communicator, linguist, editor and translator. Her outstanding academic achievements include dual MA degrees in English and French Language & Literature (University of Göttingen) and a full Doctoral Scholarship Award in French Language & Literature (Tel Aviv University).