Global IP Solutions

Scale Your IP Practice.
Grow Your IP Portfolio.

Global IP Solutions

Scale your IP Practice.
Grow your IP Portfolio.

What we do

We provide patent, trademark and design foreign filing & prosecution services across all jurisdictions, and via any foreign agents of your choice. 

Our goal is to create a better, fairer and more honest IP industry that inspires innovation, and delivers tangible value to the entire IP ecosystem. 


We handle pricing differently...

100% transparent pricing

We don’t mark up foreign agent costs and always show you our handling charges with 100% transparency.

Say goodbye to hidden fees!

Fixed pricing

Fixed foreign filing & prosecution fees, plus reliable forecasting of all costs through grant/issuance across all foreign jurisdictions.

No more surprises!


We put you first

100% freedom of choice

 We don’t lock you in to working with agents who benefit our bottom line, we work with the agents most suitable to meet your needs!

Keep your procedures

We follow your procedure, not the other way around. Our goal is to keep your formalities unchanged by customizing our processes around your preferences.

IP Fund

Our ground breaking IP Fund was developed to help innovators gain greater protection and scalability of their IP.

What our clients say...

WR logo
Every year since our firm's establishment, independent jurors ranked WR as one of the top IP law firms in Germany. We take pride in offering innovative, flexible and custom-tailored services to our clients. It is only natural for WR to support innovators and IP owners wherever we can - also by "giving back". Therefore, WR endorses the Insperanto IP Fund to help fund, enhance and protect our clients' innovations.
Roland Kraml, Executive Director
EXCITE International 2
Excite International is very pleased to collaborate with Insperanto for the purpose of funding tech companies in the health sector to scale their patent portfolio. Insperanto’s funding helps our tech companies increase the value of their company and IP.
Leslie Levin MD
Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, EXCITE International
As one of the largest intellectual property firms across the APAC region, it is important for Chofn IP to continuously engage in supporting industry wherever possible. Chofn IP endorses the Insperanto IP Fund which offers generous funding for innovators keen to grow their IP portfolios.
Chofn IP Board
Insperanto has delivered outstanding sales and marketing training, coaching and support services for the CPA Global team around the world
The CPA Board
Exceptional sales and networking results as well as ground-breaking marketing solutions for the legal/IP industry
Bruno H. Dalle Carbonare
For years, Insperanto’s attention to each individual stands out even more than their ability to inspire and add value to our team as a whole.
Uri Burger
Insperanto is an exceptional sales-outreach arm and strategic think-tank for our business
Yaron Damelin
Insperanto did a great job of helping us rethink our sales approach
Howard Finger
Insperanto’s coaching made an immediate, positive impact on how my team approaches not only our work, but each other. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone.
Wow! You guys broke our quarterly sales targets, yet again!
The Brandroom
Innovia GEO Logo
Insperanto's support not only helped us at an early stage to develop our IP strategy, their generous funding also helped us execute on that strategy. We recommend working with Insperanto to help navigate the complexities of global IP protection.
Andrew Lee
President, Innovia GEO Corp.
Visionary has arranged to receive funding from Insperanto to help us formalize our IP by filing and protecting more patents. This adds tremendous value to Visionary’s IP and big tech related partnerships.
Alex Salzman
Founding Member, Visionary Access Network

Our Clients

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